I was part of the year-long EUMIND (Europe meets India) students exchange program in 2018, under which our school had tied up with a Dutch school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We interacted online with a select bunch of students through the year, learning cultural practices and way of living from them. The Program culminated in a batch of Dutch students coming to our school, and staying with us. I hosted Noa, one of the students, who has become a lifelong friend ever since 😊.

As part of their 10-day stay, we carried out multiple activities with the Dutch students, learning from them their views, and sharing ours. I hosted Noa and took her along for sight-seeing in Mumbai, showing her a slice of life in the city.


EUMIND creates and supervises virtual exchange projects in which Indian and European students work together on real-life issues such as sustainability, human rights and arts & culture.

EUMIND INDIA is a virtual association that wants our students of today – global citizens of tomorrow – to inherit a beautiful world. In this time of relentless change, we are certain that unimaginable challenges and opportunities will emerge for our ‘Gen Y & Z’ to create the world which they aspire for. EUMIND India with EUMIND Europe take these infant steps to create this world for our students.