HMUN- Migrant Crisis

I participated in the Jan 2018 Harvard MUN at Boston, in the Social-Cultural-Humanitarian Committee representing South Sudan, addressing the problem of xenophobia, racism, and violence against migrants.

I had to prepare for 2-3 weeks in advance of the HMUN event, doing intense research – first on the country, its problems and then more on their refugee issue. Most of the research was done on the Internet. I had collected lots of background info before reaching Boston. We were supposed to debate the points in the MUN and frame a resolution. Our group did well and actually managed to agree on a resolution.

We narrowed down our resolution and recommendation to the area of “safety and security of women refugees in refugee camps” across the world. We decided to issue a set of basic guidelines for treatment of girls and women in such camps across the world.

The facts that we had unearthed in the research and during discussions were cruel and hair-raising at times, and made me aware of the atrocities committed against migrants in a world that I had naively thought to be fair and just.

On a whole, this experience has instilled in me a new-found purpose to stand for what is right and to keep on searching for platforms to express my opinions.