Here are my opinions on a few documentaries that I have watched over the past few years!

Black Hole Apocalypse

Although this was one of my first documentaries on black holes that I have ever seen, Black Hole Apocalypse perfectly took me through the journey of what black holes are, how they are formed, and how they were discovered. The sheet magnitude of space depicted, which, obviously, pales in comparsion to how massive our universe is, made me realise that the magnitude of our universe is unfathomable, and that each and every person is a mere fleck of dust in relation to the cosmos. This made me grasp how inconsequential our problems are in a universe that keeps on expanding and changing even when we no longer live in it. This gave me a look at the bigger picture that most of us seem to miss.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill’s brain

This documentary made me understand the thought process behind how to create an impact. Knowing or understanding what an individual has achieved is not enough: one must look at HOW the individual achieved what he or she did and DRAW INSPIRATION from it. Thus, the title of this documentary is apt. I quite liked Bill’s idea of spending time by himself to read books and figure out the problems that NEED to be solved. Oftentimes, we find ourselves engaging in serving the community – an act that is beneficial to them in the short run- without considering what can be done to make sure the community is doing well in the long run too! It is never to late to begin initiating projects to make this WORLD a better place!

Commanding Heights

Well, this three episode documentary was one of the most informative documentaries I have ever seen! My Economics teacher recommended this documentary to me, and it is safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. After watching the years of intellectual clashes that have given rise to Economics as it is today, I have found a deeper appreciation for the Economics I learn both in the classroom and beyond! While writing essays that evaluate the Keynesian AS versus the New Classical AS, I often find myself in Keynes’ shoes and following his thought process, which makes it much easier for me to analyse his model. Although I feel that I am too young to commit to any one school of thought, I love the exposure that this documentary has given me, and I hope to develop my interest in Economics further in life! I enjoyed watching this with my Father, who kept pausing the documentary to add factoids here and there : )

The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein

Just like the documentary on Bill Gates, this documentary on Albert Einstein walked me through HOW Einstein thought. Understanding his Theory of Relativity completely may indeed be a remarkable feat. However, LEARNING HOW TO THINK is a skill that will prove useful for tackling challenges in any sphere of life, be it academic or personal. Einstein’s Gedanken-Experiment inspired me to try out one of my own (although at a MUCH MUCH smaller scale), where I spent a lot of time just thinking about how to write a piece of code that I had been struggling with for a while. After closing my eyes for an hour and deconstructing the problem, I finally arrived at the solution! Personal anecdotes aside, watching how Einstein struggled to gather visual evidence for the Theory of Relativity over the span of so many years made me fathom how much effort goes into the development of knowledge in the sciences!