Raising funds for Angel Express

Raised funds for Angel express foundation to provide help for family of children’s we used to teach.

Raising funds for underprivileged families through Angel Express

Covid played spoil-sport since early March 2020, and our Service project of teaching children of the under-privileged got impacted. However, a schoolmate of mine and I approached Angel Express to help them raise funds to help out the families of the children who we used to teach at the Centre. Majority of these people were daily wage earners like taxi drivers, electricians etc whose livelihoods got impacted significantly after Covid19 struck.

Angel Express management was supportive in our efforts to help them raise funds. They already had a program running where they were giving a kit worth Rs 1000 to each such family. This kit had provisions like wheat flour, rice, pulses and some veggies, which would last them for a week. I had started off myself trying to identify an online platform which brings funds and needy people together. However, after investigating, we figured out that such platforms take 7-8% of the funds raised as their Fee. Hence, we decided to merge our efforts with those of the larger organization, Angel Express, which was raising funds directly through their multiple branches, with a payment gateway link of their own. That effort resulted in almost Rs 2 million being raised for the families, which would have fed the 200 such families for 10 weeks. I personally was able to raise about Rs 100,000.

I had earlier sent the link and a message to all my extended family members, parents of my friends, and friends of my parents. Out of the 40-odd families that I approached, almost half of them contributed towards raising this Rs 100,000.