She Codes

Ever since I wrote my first “Hello World” program on C++, I have been in love with coding. I know how to use C++,HTML, Java, Swift, Processing, Python, SQL, and Arduino . Although I started off with just writing programs, I have developed my skillset over the years by making a Robot using Arduino, and I am currently a part of the requirements and development team for building a alumni database and connect platform called Cathedral Community Platform for my school!

Internship with G-Square Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Worked on the assignment for four weeks  July –Aug 2020. In the initial stages, had to self-learn basics of Data Science, of Statistical Tests. Got an opportunity to apply my newly learnt Python throughout the program. Performed Data Science activities like Exploratory Data Analysis and Correlation Analysis.

Cathedral Community platform

Interned at Netmagic Solutions Private Limited, wherein I helped create an Alumni platform called Cathedral Community Platform. Used Python and SQL to Design, create, clean, and handle the Cathedral and John Connon’s Student Database and the Alumni Database with the help of Netmagic Solutions Private Limited. Used Java and HTML to assist other groups in developing other aspects of the platform. Imparted training to juniors on databases, and SQL in Python.


I spent an hour and a half every week on building a robot with a friend of mine. The main aim of the Robot is to solve the problems of conventional floor mopping by automating it using Arduino. Please download the files below for more details on the robot.

Certificates: Python course on coursera

Completed the Python for Everybody Specialisation, consisting of five courses, on Coursera over 150 hours in 3 weeks.Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python), Python Data Structures, Using Python to access web data, Using databases with Python, Capstone Project : Retrieving processing and visualising data with Python.

Programming for Everybody(Getting Started with Python)
Python Data Structures
Using Python to Access Web Data
Using Databases with Python
Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualising Data with Pytho