She Integrates

Becoming a Global Citizen

Wikipedia : Global citizenship is the idea that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders, and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: “humanity”.

As I continued to grow and participated in some Service projects, thanks to the wonderful opportunities I kept on getting, I started assessing quickly for each such Project the magnitude of the impact and the how large was the circle of influence. When I participated in a “donate-a-lunch to the orphanage”, we left behind 200 satisfied children for a meal. When we collected food provisions for the Interact club and donated them to the orphanage, the happiness extended to perhaps a dozen meals. When I started researching and writing for the Times NiE, I realised that there were 700-800mn poor people in the world.

When I went for the Harvard MUN to Boston, I researched extensively about South Sudan and its migrant refugee crisis. I realised that there were 50-100mn migrant refugees in the world, living in subhuman conditions.

When I read about Malala and her Swat region in Pakistan, where girls were shot at for attending school, I realised that were would be about 1bn oppressed women in the world.

The view of the world keeps on getting wider and clearer, the greater the perspective I gather and the more context I read up about.

All these have inspired me to lift my game up many notches, try to think beyond the immediate context and to appreciate the global situation more – be it the rising fall of democracy, climate change, increasing xenophobia, the disappointment with the current structure of capitalism – I want to learn more, and ultimately try to live a life, which leaves the earth as a better place to be in, than what it was when I entered it.