High School Achievers Program – YLAC

In 2019, I participated in a two-week program High School Achievers program -YLAC: Young Leaders for Active Citizenship- during the summer post my 10th grade. 

This program serves to spread awareness about the importance of participating in the democratic process, and to build the capacity of young adults to lead change.

I found the program intriguing because there is so much I want to do for my society but I don’t know how to go about doing it. During the course of the two weeks, I developed a deeper understanding of the society I live in along with the challenges it faces. It helped me broaden my perspective of the world around me through intellectual discussions about topics like discrimination and the enactment of a mock court trial between an industry firm hoping to set up a mercury factory near a village and the villagers in order to make us realise the diverse perspectives and stakeholders one must take into account while making any decision.