So who did on the moral path tread?

The chasm reverberated with sounds of evil laughter,

 while the sky glowed with faces so full of rage.

the stench of human betrayal and frivolity made the atmosphere thick,

 while she gasped for breath, banging against the cage.

Trying to grasp a whiff of the breeze of humanity,  she slithered like a snake up the mountain of bavardage aimed at her. Stones pelted down on her, with the intention of making her plummet into the abysmal pit of negativity. Her scales rubbed in disbelief against the sharp-edged stones who swore to always be there.  Notwithstanding this, she continued upward, for she saw the sun and knew that bright times were to come.

Stopping by the red waters of the stream of self-hatred, that flowed and never stopped flowing for the world that simply couldn’t get enough of it, she recouped from the fatigue of trying to peel away from her face the scales that people associated her with, the mask of humiliation.


Always laying low,

pretending not to know,

taking it all slow,

she could take it no more


Her body dipped in red water all around,

Where monsters that gnawed at faces were found,

Where many a body of the failed abound,

Oh! the shrill and despairing sounds!


Maniacal laughter filled the nights,

while she sat alone and cried,

The rocks exchanging smirks and looks,

When her name popped up in texts and books,


Nevertheless, she continued on,

Her few true friends bringing the sun in the morn

New courage found, her hopelessness gone

Having the brains, but lacking the brawn


Allegedly walking up the path of shame,

not realizing it was the path of fame,

to you, it might seem all the same,

the self-hating monster oh did she tame


She slithered up the mountain, beginning to derive joy

from the journey she took with her friends, oh boy

Treading the untrodden path, her non-existential feet bruised and bled because of the sharp-edged stones. On and up she went to light and glory, reaching the summit of the mountain, finally standing on top of it all, looking down upon the rocks as if she were saying with an air of conceit, “huh. You couldn’t trample me down”.


So who did on the moral path tread?

The one who laughed, or the one who rose from the dead?

The one who, on reading this, bears a nervous look, or the one who with courage this challenge took?

The one who tried to lash out instead of forgive, or the one who did grasp onto the will to live?

The one who thought it better to leave, or the one who did to hope cleave?

It’s time to act, enough said,

So who did on the moral path tread?

4 thoughts on “So who did on the moral path tread?

  1. This was really nice…. Keep writing… And maybe 1 day I’ll be able to tell my children that I was friends with one of the world’s best author….

    1. OMG that’s so sweet Yuvraj ! Such comments really keep me going 🙂 thank you

  2. oh my god.
    this is absolute beaut honey.
    so proud of you mon cheri!
    although this was sort of sad to read, i do love depressing stuff, so bang on w that!
    i love you, keep going!

    1. You know the story behind it, and you’re one of the people who brought in the sun 🙂 Love you too mah babeee ❤

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