Are celebrities ‘entitled’ to a right to privacy?

Celebrities have always been in the spotlight because of their excellence in whatever field they are in. The public believes that celebrities should give up some of their private life to stir up interest so as to ensure their continuous popularity. But how far should we infringe upon the Right to Privacy of a celebrity for our entertainment? After all, they are human beings too and should all of them be expected to give out details of their personal matters just to pacify a society that feeds on all sorts of entertainment, even those that are unethical?

One school of thought holds that the public is jealous of the lavish lifestyles that celebrities lead. Since we are envious of celebrities for their wealth and fame, we ‘punish’ them by being intrusive when it comes to their private lives. People want to know the personal details of celebrities in the hope of seeing some ‘flaws’ so that they can satisfy themselves that the celebrities who thousands of people look up to are human after all. This thirst for juicy gossip gives more incentive to tabloids and magazines like Cosmopolitan, and the Paparazzi to dig deeper into the personal lives of celebrities, thus unintentionally ‘punishing them’. Therefore, I agree with this perspective.

Taking a more neutral stance, some people believe that it is but natural of celebrities to give up some of their rights to privacy when they become famous, and they can’t expect to maintain a private life when supposedly the only way to become famous is to capture the imagination of the public. I agree with the first part of this perspective. No matter how good a celebrity is in his or her field, the competition is high. For example, if two artists are about to release their albums to the public at around the same time, each of them has to try to win over as many people as possible. This is only possible by letting loose some details about their private lives that can intrigue the public onto their side. However, I disagree with the second part of this perspective. Yes, leaking private information-good or bad- can give a lot of attention to the celebrities concerned, but this is short lived, as other celebrities could very well make public some of their private information for publicity. If capturing the imagination of the public by leaking private details was the ‘only way to become famous’, then of what use are the celebrities’ work and skills?

A third stance on this issue is that although most people claim that privacy is important, they forgo some of their privacy on social media for the sake of attention. Such people  use this belief to justify that they aren’t doing anything to celebrities that the stars aren’t doing to themselves already. I disagree with this statement. People on social media publicise their private lives on their own will, while we force ourselves into the private lives of celebrities to feed our longing for dirt. Intentionally giving up details of your private life is completely different from having details about your private life dug up against your will.  Therefore, I disagree with this perspective.

In conclusion to the arguments I have presented above, I strongly stand with my belief that although celebrities must give up some of their privacy to win over gossipmongers, they are still human beings who would like to keep some aspects of their lives to themselves.

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