//This is the first poem I have ever published. Even though I’m writing this note around a year later, I’ll tell you something interesting about this poem. Whether or not you’ve noticed, the words “grade” and “facade” in lines 25 and 26 do not actually rhyme when said out aloud. However, in spellings they do. These words form something called an eye rhyme.//

His smile, lightened my day,

I swear no one else will make me feel this way.

Those eyes, oh, those eyes,

intricate curtains hiding something inside.

What’s in it? Why Won’t you show me?

What’s behind those beautiful eyes of yours?

Positioned so close and intricate,

filtering the sadness, the innocence filled distillate.

He flashed that charming grin of his,

and as he leaned in to give a kiss,

he pulled back, and rolled up his sleeve.

Those happy eyes did deceive,

the cuts he made through his flesh,

some rusted old, and some seemed quite fresh.

I wish I had known what sadness lay behind his eyes,

the smile on his face was the ultimate disguise.

I looked up at him with a questioning look,

He let go off me and off he took.

Gosh, I should have run and chased,

and help him out, but I stood there dazed,

unable to process the shock,

that the sight of his cuts to me had brought,

He seemed so happy back in school,

always laughing, and playing the fool,

He was the smartest of our grade,

He had put up such a happy, radiant facade.

Then reality dawned upon me,

He was hurting, and was in urgent need,

of love, affection, and tender care,

That might’ve been able to help his despair,

Off I ran to his house, but I was too late,

The noose was tightened, I felt desolate,

He had finally met with his impending death,

I saw him leaving his final breath,

The crimson, velvet and burning red,

streams of his blood poured down the bed,

I cried and cried but to no avail,

Only had I seen past his supposed happy veil,

Those eyes, oh, those eyes,

intricate curtains STILL hiding something inside.

12 thoughts on “Eccedentesiast

    1. Thank you so muchh💓💓

  1. This is amazingg ❤️💯

  2. Siddhvi Ghelani says:

    This is AMAZINGGG 💯💯💯💯💯

  3. This is reallyy good💓 Keep up with such good work😊

  4. Oh that is just so so GOOD!

  5. Wowwww I love this❤

  6. Bro it’s just so dam amazing ❤love this man❤

  7. This is wonderfully beautiful

  8. I don’t know how do you do it…I am speechless ❤️❤️

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