HOPE-Hold On, Pain Ends

//  I have tried out a different style of writing where the meaning runs over from one line of the poem to the next. When I showed this poem to one of my Literature teachers, she told me that this is called “Enjambment”, and that I had unknowingly stumbled upon it.

You can refer to the first 4-7 lines of The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot for another example of Enjambment.


I tried writing an inspirational poem but it’s really not my forte. Nevertheless, I tried my best and I ‘hope’ you’ll love it. Drop comments below and share it with as many people as possible ! //

When you feel that

nothing will ever change,

And you’re caught

in a vicious circle of lies;

You’ll feel like

giving up but you won’t,

And you’ll feel like

breaking off all ties.


When you’re stuck

in the toughest of times,

And you sit back,

defeated, and mope;

The inner voice that

prevents you from doing so,

Is a generous voice

called hope.


When everything

doesn’t seem too right,

And the future ahead

doesn’t seem too bright;

And you’re too tired

to put up a fight,

You’ll then see

the heavenly light.


Yes, that heavenly light called hope

will make you strong,

It will help you differentiate

between right and wrong;

Like the cornucopia,

with its never ending delights,

Hope brings the day in,

And banishes the nights.


It motivates us to

wake up and start a new day.

It eradicates sadness,

and shows us a new way;

Of happiness, positivity,

laughter and cheer,

And rids us of our

sometimes unexplainable fear.


Hope shows us

the light in the dark,

It motivates us to wake,

and make an indelible mark;

And when you’re sad,

and not at your best,

Stay strong and let

hope to the rest.


9 thoughts on “HOPE-Hold On, Pain Ends

  1. Aviii this is just so gooddddd!!

    1. yeah but that was completely different. It was about how hope is always there and never asks for anything in return. and mine is about “when” hope helps us through and how

  2. This is literally one of the best things ever !!

  3. Waah waah. Amazing. Keep going.

    1. is that you Krish? haha. thanks 🙂

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