A Spider Web- our life.

Life is like a spider web; and we are the spiders, who create a thread- a thread formed of fibres called emotions. Then we produce another, and another, our threads often getting entangled with other’s, and that’s how we get emotionally attached. Our strings connected to theirs, their fates depending on each other. Sometimes, it’s good that you let someone else’s thread support yours. It makes you feel ..relieved, and light. Sometimes, it’s dangerous, as you don’t have complete control over yourself and you’re dependent on others. There might come a time when you feel that the other person’s thread is unstable, and so you cut those threads off for your own betterment. If the threads were too dependent on each other, you constantly find yourself feeling incomplete and broken, and the other person feels the same. After that, by nature’s miracle, you begin to weave another thread, which gets entangled with other’s threads, and there you go forming an intricate spider web all over again. This is life. A spider web. Full of threads being continuously formed, and broken,…just to be formed again, with an added thread of…experience and lessons learnt. Sometimes, we might find ourselves lost, just surrounded by threads, our vision often clouded by the things that we go through. But when viewed with a clear mind, these threads are nothing but an intricate design. Intricate, yet beautiful. and this spider web is nothing, but life. That’s what life is. Nothing but an intricate web of complicated human emotions- some happy, and some sad. So continue to weave threads, for that is what makes us.. human

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